Puerto Vallarta Mexico Travel Guide

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Best Resort in Mexico, yes the numero uno! that is Cancun Mexico a place where turquise waters, the caribbean, ancient ruins, gorgeous resorts and more more more. These place keeps evolving, growing and making it better every time. Don´t miss it!

What to see & Where to go

Being one of the first ports in the pacific side of the country, there are lot of historical sites as some of the main attractions in this destination among the natural wonders that surrounds this lovely destination.

Where is Port of Viarta Mexico

This long time beautiful Resort destination, is located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, a well known place for its contribution of bringing Tequila and the land of Mariachi, two of the principal icons that represent this glorious land.

It is located in the Banderas Bay that welcomes the Mexican Pacific Ocean and is next of two major tourist areas that is Riviera Nayarit at north and Costalegre at South. Port of Viarta it is like a stretch going from Boca de Tomatlan and Mismaloya to Nuevo Vallarta, and the main town area is a traditional beautiful old kind village, with cobbledstone streets and white painted houses, crowned with a beautiful church dedicated to Nuestra Seora de Guadalupe or Our Lady of Guadalupe.

This resort destination is one of the favourite places among the tourist principally coming from the US and Canada, due to the easy connectivity with major airlines, and it was literally put in the map, thanks to the hollywoods golden age cinema with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burtons movie The Nigth of the Iguana.

There are some very interesting places that you shoul put a visit, recently the Islas Marietas National Park, that is located in the Banderas Bay closer to Punta de Mitaattractions on the Riviera Nayaritside. Sayulita has become popular overtime and the word of mouth are helping to make this town everytime more popular among the people that likes to do surf.

As well as Sayulita theres a small town very close named San Francisco or San Pancho as they like to call this place. A relative new place in the Area, more from the investors that set their Real Estate eyes in here.

Where to stay

As a well developed Resort destination, and one of the most important in the country, there is a vast and growing number of places to accommodate you, you name it, there are top notch and worldwide class luxury Resorts just to start, the luxury and ultra luxury lodging have been increasing recently with new developments in the area.

With the popularity of this destination, more affordable but high quality options have been growing here.

The all inclusive vacations with new Resorts and Hotels, offering the best of the area are a top choice between travelers.

Some other that like to explore and discover for themselves are available too of course.

Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, Inns, Boutique Hotels, five star Hotels to 1 star rated, Vacation Rentals like Villas, Houses, Condos and appartments one of which has been popular for years is Villa Loma Linda with one of the best views of the bay.

So options are available to any kind, like or budget. Check the map to check wich one accommodates better with you and see what is close to it. Feel free to see and check any offer it appears, probably it was made having you in mind.