Welcome to Puerto Vallarta Mexico Beaches, some of the best
Locations to enjoy your vacations with the most beautiful
Natural attractions a destination like Puerto Vallarta can offer.

There are a lot to choose from, almost for any kind of personality
And lifestyle, no matter which is, there is a place just for you.|

The Best Puerto Vallarta Mexico Beaches

Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by great places by the sea, That is why this location is so popular worldwide.

Every place has it own charm and character.

Many of them still like traditional places locals love to go
Since ever, they are more calm places where the whole family.
Can enjoy of the place in a very safe place, is convenient and
A perfect place for a day by the beach with your loved ones
And friends, as some people traditionally work there fishing
Bringing the catch of the day.
Those beaches are safer to swim at the sea and they have gentle
Waves for a great funny day.

Besides the all family friendly places, there are some
Other more challenging beaches, with strongwr tides and waves
That suitable more for a day by the beach staring at the beauty
of the sea and playing in the sand.
Those beaches are not reccomended for swimming, unless you are
An expert swimmer.
Most of those beaches are located by the Pacific Ocean side of Jalisco.

Beaches for Surfing Puerto Vallarta Baja California

Bring your board to Vallarta, there are places to ride waves
Doesn’t matter what your level of skill is, there is a beach just for you.
If you still have in your bucket list to learn how to surf.
Here can be a great place to start, there are many people
Ofering crash courses to anybody.
Now you can bring your kids too, and go back home
With a new great skill, now then, you can say where did you learn to surf
And proudly say, i’ve learn in Bahia de Banderas, in a beautiful beach of Vallarta.
There are surfing beaches in Puerto Vallarta fit for any level
Of expertice, from beginners to well experienced.

Snorkeling and Scuba diving

Puerto Vallarta is a very popular because of their attractions.
Specially by their on water and underwater attractions.
Snorkeling Valarta and Scuba diving are some of the most
Popular things you shouldn’t miss to do.

Many of those activities can be done in some great beaches
In los Viarta, specially in the Calm beaches of Vallarta

Beaches everywhere in Port of Viarta Mexico

With locations by the Pacific Ocean, rounding all the
Riviera Nayarit and Banderas Bay Mexico.
The great attraction of the Beaches is the view of the blue waters.
Many of the best locations are in the major touristic towns
Next to big resorts complexes, but don’t get the wrong idea
Most of those popular locations like Punta de Mita, Sayulita, San Pancho, Bucerias and many others, are
Because the infraestructure surrounding it, the convenient location
And all the roads and ways to easy to get there, flying to it
Driving or cruising, but all the great places are in the places in
Between, just outside of each location, here you will find where to stay
Or where to go in every beach that is close to the
place you want to have in your vacations.

Perfect beaches at any season in Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta Mexico with one of the best weathers
Through all the year, having about 250 days of sunshine
A year, make Vallarta a great place for your beach vacations.
That is why this location in Mexico still in one of the preffered
Spots for sunny beach lovers all over the world.
Along with the weather, are the activities and things you can do
From time to time, so if you are commimg in any other time of the year
You will find something different to see and do by the beach.
Like if you want a quiet and relaxed vacation in a popular place
In Vallarta… well spring break time won’t be a great choice.
As Vallarta is a preferred Resort destination for anybody
From all over the world.

Find the best Puerto Vallarta Mexico beaches in Bahia de Banderas and Riviera Nayarit

Puerto Vallarta and it’s precious location makes it
A perfect place to disconect and explore new places
Or revisit all those places you love over and over.
You will find something different everytime you come.
You just have to explore and find new places you haven’t been.

In each listing, we added some close accommodations to it
As well as well as some other attractions to the area
Like things to do, restaurants and bars, real estate and shopping.
And some other places like it close to it.