One of the family friendly traditional small and beautiful towns in this Resort destinations in the side of Riviera Nayarit is Bucerias Mexico

With colorful cobblestone streets where people looking for a quiet place to relax while having their perfect time in their vacations.

Bucerias Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Seems like you will be inmediately captured by the quiet and traditional charm of the old mexican style
that makes this country so unique, bringing it´s bright colours on it´s fachades.

Vacation Rentals in Bucerias Nayarit



It´s population is as any other place of Mexico, very friendly and kind,  along with the relaxing town and calm beaches it will make the perfect spot to spend a nice day and delight yourself with the great sunsets that the Riviera Nayarit offers to it´s visitors.

Bucerias Mexico

Originally a prefered destination for RV travelers and more adventure looking travelers, because it´s great weather yearound.
this place have become some of the most visited spots in this resort destination,
preferred by national and international tourists that enjoy of having fun in a cool and relaxed town near the beach.

There are lot of things to do for any member of your family.

A typically and friendly town and beach makes a great place to have fun with your family at the beach doing some kayaking

while you are trying to relax and enjoy your vacations,

speeding in a jetsky or just relaxing under the shade of a cool palapa.

Lot of Restaurants and Bars with many offers from very nice restaurants very traditional and small places can be found almos anywhere,
where you can enjoy some very local and traditional mexican dishes.

Many great Restaurants and Bars can be found in this town,
as well as new a great lodging from renamed Resorts that are populating the area.

Lot of great things to bring as souvenirs lake silverware, crafts, clothes and typical candies and of course,
natural vanilla stract, tequila and more, to bring a little of mexico to your place.

There are many Real Estate offers and companies

Because it is  very common that many people arrive to this place looking for a nice vacations
since they get so engaged with the traditional beauty of the place, that make this little town their permanent vacation.


There are many options for lodge and Accommodation

You can find nice small beachfront hotels, bed and breakfast, vacation rentals like villas, appartments, houses.

Here we mention some like hotel palmeras, condominios vista banderas, hotel & suites corita, bungalows corita, matsuri, bungalows unelma.

How far is bucerias from Puerto Vallarta?

It is just about 21 minutes driving from Downtown Puerto Vallarta almost 12 kilometers.


Bucerias Puerto Vallarta Mexico Map