Sayulita Golf Cart Rental in Riviera Nayarit Mexico

Have an Sayulita Golf Cart Rental to explore all the beauty of the location.
A really fun way to access every corner of this Riviera Nayarit Destination.
That now have become part of the attractions in Sayulita
That have become a very popular way of transportation
Due all the fun you can get while your visit, maybe from a few hours to days.

Sayulita Golf Cart Rental in Riviera Nayarit Mexico

This particular way of transportation, besides being a fun
Safe and reliable way of transportation, is very ecological due the
Electric Golf Carts they have, and this is so far as now that we know.
Even better electric carts they will have overtime in the future.
Golf Carts don’t go at high speeds, maybe up to 19 mph if you are in a hurry.
But it is vacations, and you should enjoy every place at a relaxing pace.
So take your time to move from one place to another and enjoy.
Golf carts are easy and fun to drive, giving you a shaded
covered from the sun experience, while you enjoy every place of the town
If you get caught by a beautyful sunset and suddenly gets dark
Golf carts comes equiped with lights for your way back to your hotel.

Golf Cart Rental in Sayulita Nayarit Mexico

This means of transportation is so popular in this destination
That you can find almost everywhere a place to rent them
From the lobby of your hotel, to retals shops
And every place where they can advice you for things to do and activities.
So convenient, you van find rates for hours or as long as you need it.

Sayulita Golf Cart Rental Prices

Prices are set ant all rental locations, and may vary depending
On season and local promotions they have from time to time.
Go ahead and find more info to get an estimate of how much
It could cost, and having in mind for your budget in your Puerto Vallarta Vacations.

Have in consideration that this rentals services includes
Cart sizes are for up to four passengers,
Basic Insurance, Gasoline Refill (for not electric Golf Cart),
24 hours asistance, they will deliver and pick up at any place
You want, to make it even more convenient to you.
You wil be required to leave a deposit, in cash or with a credit card
And to present a valid drivers license.

Town around Golf Carts Sayulita

Look ahead in advance to see what they have and offer, or easy
As soon as you get to this place, you will find lots of information
And guides to get one of this.

Then it is time to move aroind in ine of the most popular means
In the destination, a more affordable and better value for your money
And don’t forget an enviromentally friendly way to enjoy
Your vacations in Sayulita Mexico.

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