Kingdom of the Sun Vidanta

Vidanta Vallarta Residence Club with Kingdom of the Sun Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

The brand new theme park, will come along with great lodge options within.

Vidanta Cirque du Soleil Park coming along with the upcoming, one in the world new attraction.


Vidanta Vallarta Residence Club developed as a private accommodation for members.

Will be a great benefit to your personal account with this company.

White walls with gold and bright accents, makes this design a tribute to the sun.

Nicely furnished, so you can feel like staying just like home.

In a great luxury environment in one of the most spectacular places in the world.

This Resort will be located within the Nuevo Vallarta Vidanta The Parks which will blend magically

with the main attractions of the park and the great amenities found in it.

So Visitors who are staying Within this Resort will be just steps away from incredible attractions

exciting rides that challenge the imagination.

Soon Nayarit a new form of entertainment without equal It will be present, full of magic and wonders

this when the Parks at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta has opened.

Along with this Resort will open accommodation options to accompany this new development that will

feature luxurious and fully equipped rooms so that you and your family spend an unforgettable vacation in a destination like Puerto Vallarta.

part of the amenities will offer this new attraction along with its real Resort to provide new and

incredible experiences that go far beyond the traditional attractions of a tourist destination like this one.

As has already been done in the permanent JOYA show in Riviera Maya, you will be presented with

delicious and creative creations within its restaurants, markets and cafes where Fantasy will be mixed

with the imagination of its creators to present dishes and products. unparalleled experiences



To continue enjoying the great amenities this places have to offer.

Allowing to stay up to 8 persons, a whole family could fit in it.

Equipped with all you need, from full kitchen, fridge, dishes and more.

To enjoy more than a visit to this park, some great vacations.

In Nuevo Vallarta In the Riviera Nayarit, next to the traditional and famous world, Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Staying in a place with the quality of vidanta group within what will be your new parks park in Nuevo Vallarta,

will be a new option that will increase the value of what its members currently have.

these members who are part of life vacations will have a unique and unparalleled opportunity to enjoy

new experiences very different from what we are already used to.

Without a doubt, having the option of staying at a Resort like this, adding the location of this tourist

destination of Puerto Vallarta with everything it offers, will offer an even bigger experience to what a beach vacation is all about.

those members who are accustomed to the luxury of the quality of what is the Grand Mayan or Grand Bliss

know exactly the level of quality that awaits them.

Spacious rooms finely decorated which offer first class amenities, How their restaurant and spa services to order.