Time to Party at Best Puerto Vallarta Nightlife and Party Scene

Enjoy of the Best Nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, one of the reasons that this destination became so popular, was due to their Beach NightClubs.

This great places are really popular, specially on Holy and Easter weeks, when thousands of tourists from the entire country love to visit this destination, and share all the party with foreigners visiting this great destination.


What are the best Puerto Vallarta Night Clubs?

Being such a popular destination known worldwide, the opportunity of develop great places that puts a place in a must visit itinerary was created.

La Santa Puerto Vallarta - Best Nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta
La Santa


  • Mandala

  • Strana Nightclub

  • CC Slaughters

  • Roxy Rock House

  • Santa Discoteque


  • La Vaquita

  • Antropology – Gay Dance Club

  • Barrabar

  • El Centenario

  • Sahara Men’s CLUB

  • ATRIO Gastro • Nightclub

  • The Jazz Foundation

  • Taboo show girls & dinner

  • Candys Girls

  • Zoo Bar


Destinations such Los Cabos with it’s famous Cabo Wabo and Ensenada with Papas and Beer are a great example, among other great resort destinations, doesn’t matter if is a small place or a large Resort town.

Most of the best Nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta are located in the mainspots and most visited areas.

From time to time some new places rises just outside well known places, just to offer something different to the ones that we are use to.


Summer Nights in Vallarta

Most of the year are great for enjoying and visiting, their peak high season is when you will find them full at a 100%, like holidays, easter, holy weeks, and christmas and new years as well.

Mandala Puerto Vallarta - Time to Party at Puerto Vallarta Night Clubs

If you want to enjoy of a great club without being overcrowded, so you can relax and enjoy it and have a great party any other time is great.

You will also find better rates and special promotions.


Enjoy of Best Nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Enjoying this great location, and most of all, if you enjoy of great dance clubs, this is going to be just great for you.

Roxy Rock House
Roxy Rock House

There are more bars and restaurants all over where you can also enjoy a great evening or night, without having to go to a club.

So come on and enjoy of the Puerto Vallarta Night Clubs in town that are in style for some great vacations, just like the way you like it.


Best Party Places

The Party Scene have evolved through the years, it has changed from being a party beach town, with the best of  the Nightlife, but with flip flops, shirt and shorts traditional style party scene.


Casa Dorada at Medano Beach Party and even in many cosmopolitan cities have appeared. Clubs and Bars with design and style that requires more than a single dress code, were created, a more contemporary Party Scene that can be found in this Resort destination, Just like any other place in the world.


The Best Party Places for your next trip to Mexico

Places that host some of the best shows and performances with worldwide artists, that in the past, they usually came to this place for vacations, now they come to perform.


Top Party Scene

The Party Scene is, practically everywhere. Brand new options arrive from time to time,keeping this destination with the best Party Places as a vibrant living and ultimate place for partying.

Most of the party scene happens in this destination, while some great spots are being created in Nuevo Vallarta, which have been remained as the calm side of the destination.


Day Clubs

Party Scene is Day and Night to be enjoyed, the nightlife is in itself a great attraction, but why wait until it is so late to start the party having the perfect scenery, the perfect atmosphere, and the perfect place ?

Already having several beach bars, and in the areas of the amenities of the most popular hotels and resorts.

they have created this popular concept all over the world what day clubs are, where they offer all the amenities of a hotel combined with a good bar and a good restaurant in one place within everyone’s reach.

Offering one of the biggest pool parties during the day, which are especially favorite if this place has a nice and beautiful pool in which to cool off, dance and sunbathe around it while partying.

Giving way to the best swimming pool parties of 2018, in one of the most popular and popular beach clubs in the area, with special guests who set and entertain from early hours of the day, until the sun goes down to make way for the Night Life.



The night scene, is a synonym of fun, where hundreds of visitors gather week after week in the best Nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, to be dancing and relaxed enjoying the great atmosphere that is lived either in Puerto Vallarta or in Nuevo Vallarta and up to Sayulita.

The relaxed atmosphere makes this place a perfect nelke place you can relax with a dress code more relaxed than It would be in the normal city.

The success of these places are reflected in the number of promotions to attract more and more clients seeking for fun, not just once a week, not several times, as many as possible.

As it is the famous Ladies Night, which has become a favorite day during the week as well as happy hour It is something that can no longer be lived without.

There is a good amount of club bars where you can not be entertained at night, listening from live music, to the best mixes of the most famous DJs in the area, and in special occasions, of the best dj worldwide.

So, synonymous with nightlife is fun.


The Best Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta

As any other destination, the scene changes over and over, while some still remains in the very same spot due their great location, some few new have been appeared.

If you want to try something new, they take advantage of the most popular dates for tourists, such as spring break, the start of the local high season, etc, etc.

This destination is one of the favorite places to come to vacation, and much they have it as a place to party, and some very wild parties.

A few years ago, this was a place for elderly people and retired, a favorite place for baby boomers, to make way for the new generations making a favorite place for the Spring break.

Now we can not only find Relaxation and Rest Resort, but, we can find the best places to stay for a party, where it is perfect to come with friends, in a group, as a couple or single, to do bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as to meet single people.


Best Time to go to Party

They will wonder what is the best time to party, usually all year round is a season, but if what they like that crowd, and of course, is when there are more events, it would be the times of Spring break, Spring Season and part of the summer.

Maybe they will ask you why summer is a very busy season, the fact is that the tropical storm alerts, as well as the high temperatures in the destination, is not something that attracts a lot of visitors.

Best Party Places all around the destination

When you come you come to relax or to party, and well, there are plenty of both to choose from.

You couldn’t be in the wrong spot, but if you want to party in the most popular places that everyone speaks about.

It might be different from place to place in the destination, but it is for sure, that you will find some of the best party places.


Best Bars

As we had mentioned previously , sell a beach destination whatever it is, or not exactly beach, a good attraction to enjoy and connect with people find all around, and that as you travel they also find themselves enjoying this destination, they have become part essential of these places as well as the restaurants.

That is why one can travel around the world and find new and also old proposals that offer traditional and new drinks where they can find part of what the destination offers.

And for obvious reasons is no different, currently has a fun and amazing tour or bar crawl, which is a very convenient way to visit the most popular bars of the destination, some that are highly recommended and should not be missed.

Part of the tours have a  party bus, that some guides specialized in the area, they will take you to the best place, one by one, doing one of the most fun tours you can take in the day, or night, in that they do bar hopping into out party fun club crawl.


Best Clubs in Puerto Vallarta

Those are one of the most popular, or recommended places to have fun and for part of the best Party Scene, as well as day clubs and Night Club, we know that many places come and go but those are the ones that have remained a bit more in the preference of Los Visitors.

After all, the best party is the one you make, so it is not about the place but the attitude, so let’s party right here right now!!…

well maybe it is a little unfair from my part, that i am writing while having my feet in the sand and looking at the ocean… Cheers!