Best Sayulita Real Estate Long Term Rental in Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit Mexico

Looking for Sayulita Rentals Long Term is becoming hard due more people are looking not just to relocate, but to have a more extended stay in this Beach Resort destination, and they are right, maybe you just come for a weekend getaway, or a week, you fall in love with the place and want to enjoy it longer.

You will find that many people just came for vacations and just decided to stay, make a living or just to retire, in other cases, that are more of the cases, just running away from the harsh weather conditions they have back home.

Best Long Term Rentals Sayulita Mexico

They also found some of the great things that can be found in this destination, such the warm and welcome they get from people, to the fact that they can get more value from their money.

And also find a great amount of people doing the same just like you, when you realize that you have many great friends in Sayulita and start feeling just like if you were home.

Add to that, the great relaxing laid back style of life people enjoy here, like walking around the beautiful beaches, tasting the great local food, that is also (mexican) one of the best in the world.

Sipping margaritas by the pool, having a golf round with friends, and for many, going out fishing, as many come and see, huge job and commercial opportunities show Here in Sayulita, and well, they decide to relocate and make a living.


Long Term rentals Puerto Vallarta

Beach front Sayulita Rentals Long Term

The closer to the beach, or the tourist areas, the expensier, just like any other place, but still, very affordable, at a point they find it a great choice for purchasing that same property, as a great Real Estate investment.

Other locations, a little further away from main popular areas, more quiet and less noisy, with a lower price, but still having all the services like any other, just location.


Rentals in Sayulita

Long Term Rentals in Sayulita Mexico

There is not an exact science when to find a great Long Term Rentals in Sayulita Mexico, But to give you a hint, many of the people renting as a long term, Is seasonal, some just come for the winter season, or just while it is snowing and cold back home, while others are having business on high season, they vacate their place to go back home.


Long Term Rentals Mexico

Riviera Nayarit Long Term Rentals Mexico

Most of the Long Term Rentals in Sayulita Mexico comes with all you need for your everyday living, fully furnished, all the appliances and amenities for your stay, just like vacations, come and go, without the need of carrying all kind of furniture, dishes, glasses, tv, etc, etc.

In fact that is very convenient if you are not planning a permanent Stay so far, just for a short extended period of time.

Then if you decide to move more permanently and get some Stuff for your own, well that is a different story suited for a Real Estate post.


sayulita Real Estate Long Term Rental

Sayulita Real Estate Long Term Rental weekly and monthly

This story is repeated more and more with people who come to visit Puerto Vallarta, especially Sayulita, and falls in love with its beach, its people, and its relaxed atmosphere and atmosphere in this place of the Riviera Nayarit.

Many visitors simply stay for a few days, and then begin to think about staying for a longer period than a weekend or a week, then they look for Sayulita Rentals Long Term in the Riviera Nayarit, or in a nearby place.

Since the magic that attracts from these places is similar in itself, and many tourists and visitors become local residents in Puerto Vallarta México.

At that time is when you not only think about staying in a hotel room for just a few weeks or a few months, which is not bad, but you miss the flexibility to stop everything as if it were your own home, absolutely necessary to lead a life day by day, maybe for a few months, a year, or indefinitely.

That’s when renting a house by the sea is even more attractive than staying in a hotel, or a pension, or a bed and breakfast, as it is much cheaper to rent your own place to live in this Pueblito.

Besides that the properties that are for rent, many come equipped with everything necessary, mostly because it is designed for visitors especially expats, since they would look for a place with a privileged location and that also has everything and absolutely necessary.


Moving to Sayulita Mexico

Perhaps the next step is to move to Sayulita, since there is a place to rent for a longer period, be it a small house, apartments, condominium or a villa by the sea.

You will notice the large number of expatriates who have decided to move to this part of the Riviera Nayarit, as everyone came to visit once and fell in love with this place.

It is not surprising that the properties that are in front of the beach are the most requested, and therefore, those that are a little more expensive, and that is why in Mexico one can get more value from their pension, so it does more affordable for your budget than if you were in some other destination with a beach in your country of origin.

When I visited the Riviera Nayarit, or Bay of Banderas from Puerto Vallarta to Marcos, you will notice the number of people who have decided to move to this region of Jalisco, as well as other places in the state and Mexico as it is currently Ajijic in the lake of Chapala.

Since the cost of living and the tranquility that these places offer to live is unbeatable, and they can find what they have found what they love.

That is the traditional and carefree life of the small Mexican towns that foreigners like so much.


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