Welcome to Yelapa Puerto Vallarta Mexico’s hidden place
One of the most authentic beach towns in Mexico.
A perfect spot for some great relax and laid back vacations
In a golden sand beach great for activities like

Yelapa Puerto Vallarta Jalisco Mexico

Laying in the beach on a blanket drinking coronas and margaritas
Or doing some snorkeling, kayaking and stand du paddle boarding.
All this resting and staying in a small and cozy hotel.

Find Where is Yelapa Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Located in Cabo Corrientes in the south side of Bahia de Banderas
This small Beach fishing village remains as one of the most
Well keeped places in this Resort destination
All thanks to the fact that by now the only way to get here
Is by boat, so spect a nice tour or trip from Puerto Vallarta to know it.

Eating and Drinking

There are no major restaurants chains of fast food
Or any kind of chain restaurants in Yelapa.
Just a few and nice places, runned by their owners
Where they serve pretty nice and honest food
Some open during high season and many serve throught the year.
Here you will find some traditional Mexican Food
From local and fresh seafood with it’s original and traditional
Mexican recipes just waiting to be tasted by you.
And also, a worldwide favorite is served in town, Pizza!

Things to do and Attractions like Yelapa Waterfall

The number one attraction to inspire you to make some activities
Is the beach, wich invites you to experience some local activities
From snorkeling, to kayaking and paddleboarding
To horseback riding around the place, the jungle and visit
A Yelapa waterfall a few minutes from there.

Yelapa located in a Map

Located at south side of the Bahia de Banderas Mexico
About twenty miles from Puerto Vallarta.
Remains as one of the best attractions itself
From this destination, yes there is a road to get here
But it is lot easier, and fun to get if you go by boat.

How to get there

Water taxis to Yelapa are available drom the Malecon and Playa de Los Muertos
As well as private charters and tours to get there.
There are transportation to Yelapa in a daily basis
Many times a day from several parts of the destination.

Accommodations in Yelapa Puerto Vallarta Mexico

There a few places to stay, some nice small hotels
And some other nice Vacation Rentals, but don’t get wrong
Even if it’s a remote location, very rustic and somehow unspoiled place
It is a place suited for hollywood stars and musicians
Looking from some vacations just outside from crowded places.


Yelapa Puerto Vallarta Map